Executive Portraits in Birmingham AL

A Not So Stuffy Executive Portrait

I do Executive Portraits for a bank that has several branches here in the Birmingham Alabama Metro Area.  I have enjoyed meeting the bankers, getting to know them and of course, the bank wants standard “formal” headshots of their executives.  Well I have to tell you about Rihan.  About a year ago, I met Rihan at one of the Hoover Chamber of Commerce Lunches.  The one where our Governor came to speak and was held at the Winfrey/Hyatt Regency Hotel Ballroom.  A wonderful young man who I have had time to getting to know since.  If you live or work in Hoover, you will see Rihan around.  He is one of the Hoover Chamber Ambassadors, and he really gets around town!

A couple of months ago, Rihan calls me and said, “Missy, I need to come in and get my headshot done….. But I want something not quite so stuffy…” Well, I had a good idea of what Rihan wanted, but knew what his boss wanted and what the bank wanted as well.  But you know what, I wanted to do something fun for Rihan. I wanted to provide another photo for him that he could display where appropriate.

And while BB&T probably does not want this particular portrait on Linkedin and on their website, it is perfect for Facebook, a secondary headshot, a great photo that tells a story (because there is a story behind the lapel pin) and perfect for other promotional venues as well.

Executive Portraits in Birmingham AL

Executive Portrait

And with the help of his wife, Rihan selected this photo as his primary headshot.

Business Portraits Jefferson County

Executive Portrait

And as with all Executive Portraits, I provided to him a Black & White version in high res (for marketing materials & newspapers) and low res (for internet).

There is a story behind the Pin – Believe.  It was designed and is the theme of one of the top executes at BB&T’s Corporate Headquarters. This executive has inspired Rihan and this is the pin that Rihan has chosen to wear as his BB&T Lapel Pin.

If you need a banker, be sure to check out Rihan at BB&T in Hoover on Highway 150.  He would love to talk to you about your banking business.  Who knows!  You may see him about town at a ribbon cutting or many of the other Hoover Chamber events.

Summertime Photography mini sessions in Birmingham alabama metro area

The Lemonade Stand

There is nothing like a delicious glass of ice cold fresh lemonade! I love homemade lemonade and particularly love the way my mama made it when I was young.

Summertime Photography mini sessions in Birmingham alabama metro area

Lemonade Stand Photography Sessions

During the month of June, I will be scheduling photography session with our lemonade stand set.  This set is adorable!  A tad rustic, perfect for one child or a whole family!

Family Photographer in Hoover AL

25 Cents a Glass!

You have to admit, this is too cute!

I will have 2 banners available to use.  Some clients have their own that they like to bring for us to use.  :-)  20 minute sessions are $35.  Digital and Print Packages from the session will be available for purchase.

Regular sessions are also available.  Our regular sessions are 1-2 hours with an outfit change if you like.  No session fee, but a $200 deposit, which is applied to your order, is due at the time of booking.  And minimum order requirement will apply for regular sessions as well.

For a free consult or more information, call 205-982-3311 (studio) or 205-807-1223 (cell).

Now for a special treat!  My Mama’s Lemonade Recipe!

Old Fashion Lemonade Recipe

  • 2 cups of freshly squeezed lemons (seeds removed)
  • 2 cups of water
  • 2 – 2 1/2 cups of sugar (I like mine sweeter)
  • slices of lemon and/or fresh mint for garnish
  • 2 quarts of ice in a 1 gallon wide mouth plastic container

Pour water and sugar into a 2 quart pan and bring to a soft boil, stirring constantly.  (This is to make simple sugar water.)  After the sugar is dissolved, add the 2 cups of freshly squeezed lemon juice.  Bring back up to a soft boil and continue to stir for 1 minute.  Pour over ice in plastic container, stir and add water and more ice to make one gallon.  Serve in glasses over ice and garnish with fresh sliced lemons or sprigs of mint.

Makes 1 gallon of delicious lemonade.



hollywood glamour style photography sessions in vestavia hills alabama

Ladies Night Out

Images By Missy and T. Fox Salon are teaming up to offer a Ladies Night Out event!

hollywood glamour style photography sessions in vestavia hills alabama

 Ladies Night Out in Birmingham AL

At this special photography event you will enjoy a Professional Makeover by one of the hair and makeup artists of  T. Fox Salon followed by a Portrait Session in a beautiful, classic, glamorous style by me. Gentlemen, this will make an excellent gift for someone special.  Ladies what a perfect gift for yourself!  The price of this special event is only $99 with $50 going toward your portrait order.  A $350 Value!!!  A wonderful outing for moms, mother and daughter day, sisters and ideal for multi-generation, friends and co-workers as well!

Glamour Photography Sessions

Before you ask, I will explain, these portraits will not be like the “Glamour Shots” of the 80′s.  They are going to be classic, timeless and elegant as the portraits taken by Hollywood Masters of Lauren Bacall, Lucille Ball, Audrey Hepburn and many others.  Did you know that in many portraits that you see of these ladies (and many you see of our current actresses and models) they were in their 40′s and 50′s?!?  And that was before Photoshop!!! Granted, they are/were beautiful women, but they all started with a Professional Makeover.  The photographer also used perfect lighting & posing on each subject making them gorgeous! The portraits from your photography session will be beautiful and sexy enough that you will want portrait prints to give to your husband/boyfriend.  Tasteful enough that you will want portrait prints to give to your parents and children.  Fine enough that you will want Fine Art Portrait Prints to display and that can be passed down for generations.  There will be many options and packages for you to choose from. There are only a limited number of sessions available.  So you will need to call right away to reserve your session!  For more information or to reserve your session call 205-982-3311. Do you want a Professional Makeover and Portrait Session, but Saturday June 21st is not a good date for you?  We will be happy to schedule a session when it is convenient for you!

Call today to schedule! 205-982-3311

Two Chances to Win!!!

facebook Tag for Melissa E. Wertz Photography

Win a FREE photography session that will include a FREE 11×14 wall portrait!!!  Click on the link to the left to go to our facebook Business Page.  Like our facebook business page. (Please note, you must like the page.  You are welcomed to like a post, but it will not count toward the drawing.)  And post a comment to my facebook Business Page!  Make sure you tell us how you heard about us.  To be entered into the drawing a 2nd time… Share our facebook Ladies Night Out timeline/news feed!  And your name will be entered a 2nd time!

I did say 2 Chances to WIN!!!

Click on the facebook link below and it will take you to T. Fox Salon’s facebook Tag for Melissa E. Wertz Photographyfacebook Business Page.  Like T. Fox Salon’s Business Page then post in their comments section of how you learned about them.  You are welcomed to like a post as well, but to be entered in T. Fox Salon’s drawing you must Like their business page and post a comment.  If your name is drawn what will you win?  Good question!  What everyone dreams of!  A FREE Spa Package!  That will include a Wash and Shine, Cut and Style, but that isn’t all!  You will also win a FREE Mani and a FREE Pedi!!!  A $150 Value!

Take a few minutes to go like our pages and be sure to post a comment! And you could possible win BOTH prizes!!!

Full Moon Photograph by a professional photographer in Birmingham AL

Full Moon Over Hoover

Did anyone notice the beautiful full moon a couple of nights ago?

I titled this photo:

Full Moon Over Hoover

Full Moon Photograph by a professional photographer in Birmingham ALGlad that I keep a camera in my car all the time.  Also glad I had the right equipment (lens, etc.) to capture this.

Family outdoor photographer in Hoover AL

Spring and Summer Photography Sessions

WOW!  This year is going by so fast!  I have enjoyed photographing Hockey Leagues, Dance Schools, Business Portraits for some of my Corporate Clients and great success with our Rabbit Tales and Bunny Trails sessions the first part of April.  And now, Mother’s day is right around the corner!  A portrait session and portraits make great gifts for Mother’s Day and, let’s not forget, Father’s Day.

Family outdoor photographer in Hoover AL

I am currently scheduling for our regular/custom sessions for Spring, Summer and Fall.   Regular Photography Sessions may be scheduled at any time.  (Family, children, maternity, newborn and glamour.) I can do these sessions at my studio or at a location of your choice.  Including your home!  (I have had some clients with some incredible yards!)  There are also some great locations around the Birmingham, Alabama Metro area that are fantastic for Family Photography.  My regular sessions usually run 2 hours for a family. Clients may have 2-3 outfit changes.  If you like, I can have a hair/makeup artist come in to give you the perfect look!  If you are interested in one of my regular sessions, call me (205-982-3311) to schedule a FREE, no obligation consultation.  If you book one of our regular sessions during the Month of May (may be scheduled anytime between now and December 31st) FREE Frame and Framing will come with any wall portrait order 16×20 or larger.  A $250 Value!!! (What a fantastic Mother’s Day gift!!!)

Do you have a Family Reunion coming up?  That is also a wonderful time to have professional family portraits taken.  I would love to talk to you about being your Family Reunion Photographer!!!  

To find out more about our regular/custom sessions, call me to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.  205-982-3311.

I will post more about our Limited Edition Photography Sessions coming up this Summer and Fall, so stay tuned!